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The Graduate  Institute of Technological and Vocational Education (GITVE) was founded in 1988 in order to offer a master program. In 2005, the program was expanded to include the doctoral program. The Institute is Taiwan 's first research- based higher education institution that focuses on the development of TVE and is the first to offer a Ph.D program in the field of study. The Institute is also the first conceived to provide a channel for personnel working in TVE sectors to pursue further study in education. There are 10 full-time faculty members who have Ph.D degree in the GITVE. The institute aims at cultivating the abilities of administration and instruction, human resources development, and e-learning in TVE for graduate students.

  Although the courses offered at the institute are geared towards research in TVE, the skills and research training with which students are equipped upon graduation also allow them to work in administration and human resources management beyond the vocational education context.